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Joie's Story

Joie Altabet Raw Healthy Vegan Crunch
Joie Altabet Raw Healthy Vegan Crunch

My friends would say I'm a happy person, enthusiastic, affectionate, nurturing,  loving, thoughtful, happy go lucky, down to earth and social butterfly.  I am athletic, enjoyed biking, running, working out,  jet skiing and I love snow skiing as well.  ​ 

I grew up in NorCal (San Francisco East Bay) 49ers fan, moved to SoCal (Del Mar & La Jolla) and lived there for over 9 yrs. My employer transferred me to Las Vegas and I lived for the last 13 years.  I was an account executive/sales rep for Chase/JP Morgan's mortgage division.  I've been in the mortgage industry for years. When the housing market crashed, I reinvented myself, I became an Aesthetician/Skin Care Specialist. (  


As a healthy eater and with my passion for healthy food, I went on this quest to developed and created a raw healthy munchies, one of them is a "RAW" healthy crunch such as Flaxseed crackers, Eggplant, Kale and Mushroom Chips with ALL Organic Ingredients, Gluten and GMO Free, Vegan and they are entirely freshly handmade and my own original creation.  I've doing farmers market for over 5 years and now own my store. I had created over 200 products.  Please come to my store try some samples for more choices.


I believe eating healthy is the key to living a long healthy life and keeping your skin youthful.  I often get told that I look younger. Considering my age, I still have a young looking body, maybe as result of eating healthy.  ​    


I hope you love it just as much as my satisfied customers.  

Enjoy the healthy chewy crunch!​        

Joie Altabet

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